Obturate a primary tooth

Some primary teeth will remain until the age of 12 years. The tooth that needs a filling may very well be part of it. Broken and infected teeth can affect your child's health and self-esteem. To make a filling, the dentist removes the decay and repairs the tooth with metal, plastic or other material. A shutter can be an easy and economical way to remedy a problem that, if left as it is, could hurt and be expensive. It can prevent cavities from further digging the tooth. If no plugging is performed and the decay extends, it may need to extract the tooth. In this case, your child may need a space maintainer that allows the permanent tooth room to grow. Indeed, when a primary tooth (milk) is missing, the teeth around it may take its place and thus prevent the permanent tooth from growing. To maintain space, your dentist can place a plastic or metal space maintainer on the adjacent teeth to prevent them from getting inserted.