It is a tailored device made up of two gutters inserted on the upper and lower dental arches. These gutters are manufactured by a laser sintering process. The linkage system consists of two triangles attached to the lower gutter and retention rods attached to the upper gutter and lower triangles to hold the advanced mandible

Custom-made orthosis

The device takes into account the particularities of each patient and offers a better adaptation, which reduces the discomforts and increases the stability.

Benefits of the triangle-retention rod system

This innovative system reduces the acting forces in the horizontal plane. The elevation of the retention rod and the points of rotation on the triangles of the lower gutter and in the insertion holes of the upper gutter eliminate the vertical forces. This absence of vertical forces makes it possible to limit the grip of the gutter to the strong teeth only, which promotes comfort and, consequently, adherence to the treatment. The design of the device makes it possible to promote the work in the direction of musculation as well as to reduce the size and the grip of the gutters for a better comfort and an increased protection of the teeth. This minimizes muscle pain and temporomandibular joint pain. The traction mechanism allows the closing of the mouth, thereby reducing the joint tensions. 

The buccal closure promotes nasal breathing to limit the vibrations responsible for snoring as well as collapse, the cause of apnea episodes. The device allows lateral and vertical movements during sleep. Oral respiration is therefore also possible. The wearing of the appliance does not prevent drinking, yawning or speaking. The parts of the plastic bonding system are safe for the patient and free of metal. There is no risk of swallowing or inhaling components. The device also allows gradual advancement of 1 mm, according to medical recommendations. The advance is obtained by changing the length of the retention rods.

Advantages of a mandibular advanced orthosis treatment

  • Non-invasive, reversible and long-term treatment
  • Excellent patient adhesion due to its efficacy, comfort and absence of side effects
  • Unobtrusive to sleep due to its small size and comfort
  •  Simple adjustment, titration and insertion-disinstation for the practitioner and patient

Action mechanism

  • Mandibular prosthesis in retention
  • Interchangeable rods to control the progress
  • No support on incisors
  •  Articulation following the occlusion plan
  •  Manufacture of organic polyamide type 12
  • Homogeneity of the material
  • Ease of inserting and removing the device